Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Anniversary to us!

I actually prepared this post for weeks, but somehow still managed to only complete it past our actual anniversary date. I can only say that I wish I could write/articulate my thoughts better. I've rewritten this post a couple of times but its still doesn't accurately convey my current emotions/feelings. Ohwells this is my best shot.

This picture set is from a random afternoon lunch at Frogmore Creek Wineries. We love the good food there, but the view is what keeps us going back. This afternoon, after lunch, we decided to laze around on the vineyard fields for abit before heading home. The sun was really glaring so I was squinting when he was taking my picture, but he only understood what a challenge it was when he lay down on the grass too. In the subsequent photos, we would shield our faces with our hand before uncovering right before the timer goes! I was probably significantly more successful than he was heehee:) 


We have been married for a whole year now and my time in Hobart is coming to an end. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that the year started out rocky for me - I was depressed and upset at having been plucked out of my comfort zone that was Singapore And a job I loved. But the moment I opened my heart to embrace change, that's when my life did a 360, and I can proudly say now, that this has been the best year of my life.

But even without Hobart, even without all the holidays and the newfound freedom of living alone (ie away from parents), I'm pretty sure this would still have been a kickass year, and that is only because I married the most perfect man for me.

Elvine is the sweetest guy I've ever met in my life (though when I say it now I can only recall our super cringey wedding video), but I truly mean it! And I wholeheartedly believe that getting married has been the best decision of my life.

Having been together with him for more than 7 years at the time we got married, I really didn't expect to learn anything more about him. But oh boy did he continue to (pleasantly) surprise me.

On top of being the sole breadwinner, he helps me with housework and cooking, he takes care of family matters such as renovations and bills, and he listens to my whining patiently. Its embarrassingly obvious who has fulfilled their duty of husband/wife better.

I've always known he was generous, caring and kind to everyone and not just me, but I've learnt this year that his niceness really has no limits. Even when he is tired after a 12h day at work, he would come home and make polite small talk with my friend And send her home after, when all he probably wanted was to just go straight to bed and crash.

When I'm in the shower he would come in and help me hang up my towel on the hook next to the shower glass door. I don't normally bother because the towel rack is only 1m away!

No matter how tired he is, if I'm hungry in the middle of the night he would get up to go make me supper.

Instead of whining that I should just learnt to swallow pills, he automatically goes out to crush 2 panadol tablets for me when I complain of a headache.

And 99% of the time, if we're both in bed, he would be the one to get up to go switch off the lights. When I was sharing a room with Jean when we were little, we fought over who should get the lights almost every single night so though it may seem like a small gesture, I really appreciate it. And really, when you're snug and warm in bed, who likes to walk in the cold again to get the lights! Every master bedroom should have a master switch next to the bed!

"I give up"

And to make me even more undeserving of all his goodness, I'm not even the easiest person to love. I'm mean and impatient, and when I'm not watching my tongue, I do say some pretty horrible things. (In my defense, most of the time I don't actually mean it but I do have a horrible way of phrasing things. Or what is humour to me could be something vile to others. And I... kinda bitch, alot.. but its more a bad habit or love of complaining than anything, I may not necessarily hate the thing/person but it obviously comes out that way since.. I'm bitching about it..)

So how does someone so sweet natured and polite put up with someone so rude? He teaches me by being even kinder.

me: tsk I reminded you just before leaving to bring the grocery bags how could you forget!
elv: haha sorry i also dunno how i managed to get distracted!
me: hey there are some empty boxes there go get one
elv: happily bounces off to go get one and returns with an empty box and smile on his face.
"so clever my wife!"

Just.. put an arrow through my heart already.

Sometimes on the drive home after having dinner with his friends, I reflect on my behaviour (when I get too comfortable with people I get carried away and say the wrong things) and when I'm pretty sure I said some things I shouldn't have, my heart beats super fast worried that he would reprimand me when we get home, but he never does (his reaction is almost always the opposite, eg "we had a great time huh!") and I breathe a huge sigh of relief and tell myself to be more careful the next time. So though he hardly ever tells me of my flaws, I'm pretty sure I'm slowly improving (at least in terms of speech) because of him. Maybe one fine day we can become the nicest couple around instead of... most disgusting hahhaha (ok you can go guess why I don't really want to write it here).

And though I am showering praise on him in this post, I'm actually more generous with my suannings, complainings and scoldings:(:(:( while he is the exact opposite:
Everytime I bake/cook something new, or make someone a card, or redecorate our house, or anything really, his responds with the most genuine "my wife so talented!!"

trying to 'levitate' rather unsuccessfully! 

My camera skills obviously suck

And as a final cherry on top (yes really theres more!), he surprised me by what he wrote in our special diary (I decided to start a tradition of writing our anniversary cards in a diary so we can keep everything together. Apart from the normal note/letter if we wish, we have to write down 3 things we are thankful for and 3 things we/the other person needs to work on). I really don't have much to complain about him (that would be purely ungrateful!) but I fully expected him to use this chance to point out 3 out of my gazillion flaws. Like I said, he surprised me. Instead of unleashing his pent up annoyance at me (which I'm sure he will insist doesn't exist), he instead wrote that we should:

1) read our bible together more (that's fair, I had it as one of mine too)

2) lead a healthier lifestyle ie more exercise (?!)

3) that I should be less afraid of spending money and trust him more with it (?!?!??!?!)

so 2 of my top 3 'flaws', according to him are that I don't exercise and that I'm thrifty?!?!

Really! What did I do to deserve someone like him?

I could really go on and on, but I will probably end here and really just thank God for his immense blessings, not just for me but for us.
All marriages are made in heaven, but I'm convinced God has a special eye on us:)

And with that, 1 year down, I look forward to another 69 years of marriage:)


Zhuangman Koh said...

Happy for you! Glad you could see God's blessing in all that! I'm encouraged! hehe

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! A very touching genuine lovingly post!!! Feel v blessed & inspired reading it!!! Blessed Anniversary to you both! May The Lord shower both of you with many of his joyous surprise in this year!!!

Read your dayre post on ID, do you mind sharing your iD/ contractor contacts? Am looking to do up my place in Apr too �� thanks in advance babe!


Lynn Toh said...

Thanks ZM! See you reaaaaalllly soon! I miss all of you so much!

Lynn Toh said...

Hi Geraldine!

I haven't actually seen our place after its done up yet so I don't really want to recommend them just yet. The pictures look good so far and they're quite easy to work with but its only when you're living in it will you find all the flaws with workmanship!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

No prob! :) looking forward to your review post on them!

Have a blessed week ahead!


happycrocus said...

Omg this is such a beautiful post. Hen gan dong. WISHING YOU A BLISSFUL MARRIAGE (if it can get anymore blissful than this.) :')